Our Mission and Core Beliefs

Consistently deliver superior portfolio performance, enabling our clients to reach their investment goals.

Our Values

  • Generate excellence in investment thought and actions.
  • Accurately assess each client’s true objectives, and translate them into capital market exposure to effectively achieve those goals.
  • Employ a merit-based culture focused squarely on our mission, which is implemented by a focused functional team approach.
  • Consistently fulfill the highest standards in client communication in terms of timeliness, education and relevance.
  • Provide our services at a fair and transparent fee.

Core Beliefs

Meritage Portfolio Management invests for the future. Our years of experience have shown that:

  • Stocks provide attractive returns and outperform bonds over the long run.
  • Valuation matters.
  • The asset allocation and diversification decision is critical in long-term investing success.
  • Value and Growth equity strategies deliver similar returns over the long-run, but combining the two can dampen short-term risk.
  • Market timing is a loser’s game over the long run.
  • The greater fool theory can work spectacularly in the short run but, always leads to disaster over the long run.