Blockchain technology offers many advantages over traditional record-keeping methods, such as cost savings, speed, accuracy and security. It eliminates the middleman and provides a mathematical basis for trust. Intrigued with its possibilities, companies across industries are investing in resources to further explore potential benefits and...

“Artificial Intelligence is the electricity of the 21st century.” Andrew Ng, Stanford University “We want Google to be the third half of your brain.” Sergey Brin, Alphabet President


The revolution is upon us. The rapid growth of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and quantum computing will deliver lasting and irreversible change to the global markets. These technologies not only affect existing products and services and give rise to new innovations, but also – and arguably more importantly – have the power to fundamentally alter the way our institutions function. Enterprises, military, and schools will have to navigate and adapt to the changing landscape to grow and remain competitive. Jobs face their own set of opportunities and challenges. We believe certain conditions exist today that will drive the the accelerated development and use of these technologies. And in an environment poised for further growth, we expect to see enormous change.