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Your financial objectives are what drive us.

Meritage believes in taking the time to fully understand your distinct combination of income needs, growth ambitions, and risk capacities. Only then do we bring our decades of expertise to craft customized strategies addressing your unique priorities for long-term capital growth, responsible asset diversification, appropriate cash flow generation, and total risk management according to your tolerance. The result is an investment approach completely tailored to who you are.

An Enduring Process

At Meritage, your portfolio is an ongoing collaboration built on trust and tailored to how your financial life unfolds. We continually assess the market environment while keeping your risk tolerance and evolving priorities at the forefront.

Data-driven Macro Perspective

In addition to individual company analysis, there are times when the potential impact of domestic and global economic events on markets can play a more relevant role in our analysis.

Multi-factor Valuation Ranking Process

Investment candidates are identified by a proprietary valuation process that screens, ranks, and scores a universe of 6,500 securities.

Qualitative View

After investment candidates are identified, a qualitative assessment is made to better understand why a security is undervalued and to assess additional information that is not typically captured by a quantitative process.

Portfolio Construction

The key characteristics of the portfolios are managed and maintained within pre-determined parameters and sector exposures for each equity style.

Fixed Income Provides Stability That Enables Growth

Our fixed income allocations provide reliable income streams while stabilizing portfolios during periods of equity uncertainty. Carefully vetted bonds generate regular distributions, interest payments, and capital preservation to fund today's expenses without compromising tomorrow's potential. Because striking the right income balance empowers you to confidently pursue rewards.

Distinct Investment Strategies

Our strategies span specialized asset classes and differentiated methodologies to help you target the financial outcomes your own circumstances and objectives require – whether prioritizing aggressive growth, stability-focused income generation, capital preservation, inflation-resistant equity appreciation over the long term, or customizable liquidity solutions. Each strategy is built security by security by our own in-house expertise. Risk is managed by diversification across and within economic sectors and by sticking with investments of high financial quality.

Let's Build Something Together