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Distinct Investment Strategies

Our strategies span specialized asset classes and differentiated methodologies to help you target the financial outcomes your own circumstances and objectives require – whether prioritizing aggressive growth, stability-focused income generation, capital preservation, inflation-resistant equity appreciation over the long term, or customizable liquidity solutions. Each strategy is built security by security by our own in-house expertise. Risk is managed by diversification across and within economic sectors and by sticking with investments of high financial quality.

Meritage Growth Equity

A quantitative large-cap growth strategy focusing on  in companies poised for transformational earnings acceleration over multi-year periods. Actively managed with four decades of factor testing refinement, it invests in both recognized and underfollowed market leaders we believe are well-positioned to provide superior returns.

Meritage Value Equity

An actively managed value strategy combining decades of quantitative testing with fundamental insights. Focusing on underpriced, high cash-flow-generating companies across market caps and geographies, it constructs portfolios poised to outperform when strong fundamental performance makes it hard for investors to ignore the attractive intrinsic value in these companies.  The strategy’s concept of value takes a more expansive approach in identifying pricing anomalies than what is common from more traditional sector and financial analysis.

Meritage Small Cap Growth Equity

Leveraging a proprietary quantitative process evolved over decades, this US small cap growth equity strategy isolates undiscovered niche opportunities exhibiting business transformation signals like growing cash flows, sales trajectory, efficiency improvements and balance sheet acceleration. By targeting emerging quality early, it aims to uncover hidden gems poised for multi-year outperformance.

Meritage Small Cap Value Equity

A global small-cap value strategy exploiting informational gaps and temporary mispricing of overlooked niche opportunities. Diligent analysis screens broadly for improving cash flows and fundamentals not fully reflected in valuations. Patience allows substantial gains over full market cycles as intrinsic business quality earns recognition.

Meritage Yield Focus Equity

An income-oriented value strategy that delivers 2-3x the dividend yield of the overall equity market. Focusing on high, predictable payouts from undervalued dividend payers, it provides current income to investors to augment existing cash flow needs, combined with long-term appreciation opportunities..

Meritage Taxable Fixed Income Short Duration Strategy

A strategy born out of the desire to avoid interest-rate risk while taking advantage of the new, higher interest rate environment, short duration fixed income portfolios target an under 2-year duration with capital preservation and liquidity the primary objectives. Yield is enhanced with high-quality corporate bonds, however a majority of the portfolio positions will always be allocated to short-dated US Treasuries, T Bills, and diversified money market funds. The short duration fixed income strategy is utilized both by clients seeking a long-term conservative fixed income allocation, as well as by clients looking for safety and income on a pool of capital that can be called upon at any time.

Meritage Taxable Fixed Income Intermediate Term Strategy

A blended tax-advantaged fixed-income portfolio tactically balances income generation and risk management over market cycles. Comprised of Treasuries, investment-grade corporates, and municipals, moderate duration targets enhance stability and liquidity, without sacrificing significant yield opportunities.  Customization adds further flexibility to meet client preferences.

Meritage Tax-Exempt Fixed Income

A strategy managed for clients looking specifically for municipal bond exposure with an Intermediate duration target.  Tax-Exempt portfolios focus on high quality issues, and portfolios are customized to a client’s home state residency to maximize the tax benefit.  Tax-exempt income is the primary focus of the strategy, however positions will be taken in US Treasuries and Corporate bonds when valuations are deemed more attractive on a tax-equivalent basis.  Some US Treasury exposure also helps to ensure strong liquidity.

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