Meritage Institutional

A Process-Driven Mindset

Meritage was founded as an institutional investment firm, managing both equity and fixed income portfolios. As our AUM and client needs have expanded over the past 30 years, our commitment to an institutional approach to investing remains unchanged. We manage five distinct equity strategies, all bound by the firm’s investment philosophy, a common quantitative-based research platform, and a value-centric orientation.

We believe there are three key elements that have positioned Meritage to generate superior investment returns over time:

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Everything we do is designed to create an environment that is conducive to making good investment decisions.  This includes the freedom to make decisions without bureaucratic obstacles, mutual respect among team members, and competitive spirit and debate among team members who genuinely love the process of investing.

A distinctive investment process

We agree with the notion that alpha is a zero sum game.  Our edge does not come from access to unique information nor outmanning the competition in number of analysts.   Rather, our advantage comes from the proprietary framework we have built over time to make efficient and consistent use of company data, while avoiding a pure quant mindset in our execution.

Seasoned investment

Seven CFAs and one trader comprise our investment team, led by CIO, Mark Eveans.  The combined 191 years’ experience of this team means our perspective is shaped by more than the last market cycle.  Each strategy team has a lead manager, who is responsible and accountable for all investment decisions.  We have not lost a member of our Investment Team in over 15 years.