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I am very pleased to announce Meritage Portfolio Management has recently surpassed the $2 billion mark for assets under management (AUM).

For more than 25 years, our dual mission of investment excellence coupled with personalized investment planning services has served our clients well.

Distinguished from the trends in our industry, we remain a specialty boutique.  We would not have reached this AUM milestone without good, steady growth over many years, but we still think of growth as coming one client at a time.  We believe this mindset is one reason why our clients stay with us and become our most effective source of new client opportunities.

Our culture emphasizes the importance of a sound and process-driven investment approach in addressing the broad financial needs of our clients.  Consistent with that culture is a team of experienced, highly credentialed professionals to drive results and work directly with our clients.

We are grateful to our clients for their willingness to engage and partner with us from our earliest days to now. We are excited about our continued evolution and growth as we come across new opportunities and resources to help our clients succeed.

Coincident to this milestone, Meritage has been awarded recognition from two national financial institutions.  For the second year running, we are among CNBC’s top 100 Financial Advisory Firms nationally. This award is based on several criteria relating to client success and retention, as well as best in class business practices.

Additionally, the Meritage Growth Equity strategy earned the PSN Six Star “Top Guns” U.S. Equity Universe rank, awarded for best returns in the style universe combined with lower than average risk. To learn more about this recognition, access our press release here.

Congratulations to our clients and our team of professionals in achieving this milestone, together.