Private Client Services

Rising above a traditional approach

With the proliferation of advisory-focused investment firms aimed at the masses, investment choices between firms have become commoditized and indistinguishable. For some investors, there is a better way.

We offer an advisory approach that is investment-focused. Meritage clients are paired with seasoned, credentialed investment professionals. For those who have in excess of $2 million and value a relationship that is hands-on at both the investment and advisory levels, we welcome a chance to visit with you in person and learn how our approach might fit with the needs of you and your family.

What We Do

Meritage is first, and foremost, an investment management firm. From that base, we have also gained a great deal of knowledge and experience providing ancillary services through our work with families and individuals for over 25 years. These include:

  • Developing a sound investment strategy through a broad-based financial planning process (click to learn more).
  • Advising on transitional wealth issues, capital gain management, social security options, educational funding, insurance needs, and health care plan options.
  • Creating a holistic and integrated investment plan by working closely with other advisors, including CPAs and estate attorneys.
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A direct relationship and full accessibility to those who are making the actual investment decisions, security by security.


Guidance, counsel, and basic education on investment and wealth advisory issues provided by credentialed investment professionals, backed up by a team of client service specialists who are also directly accessible to all clients.


A transparent fee structure (avoiding multiple fee layers) and a tax responsive portfolio structure through the ownership of individual securities.

Open Communication

Great communication is defined by what works best for you. We communicate in a variety of ways, all based on your preferences. These include:

Direct meeting with a member of the Investment Team

Periodic, face-to-face meetings remain the hallmark of our communication model.

Sending regular correspondence

Reports covering performance, strategy and our investment outlook are provided each quarter, delivered by mail or electronically through a secured client portal.

Utilizing upgraded platforms and social networks

Technology advances have benefited investors by enabling broader access to information. Continued evolution will provide new ways to think about client/manager interaction.

Simply put, some clients have an interest in following their investments in detail; others are inclined to leave that to us and focus on the bigger picture, while some clients reside somewhere in-between. Our commitment is to find an optimal approach for all.

Keeping Risk in the Right Perspective

At the simplest level, risk is most often associated with market volatility and the possibility of losing money. From the planning perspective, it is usually expressed as the possibility of outliving your assets, or not meeting other specific goals.

These two perspectives of risk are different, but they are also interconnected. Finding the appropriate level of risk based on your own circumstances will lay the groundwork to a sound long-term investment strategy.

With that as a base, other risk management tools come into play, including:

Setting Asset Mix Targets

Absolute risk (the chance of loss) can be managed by identifying specific targets and ranges for allocations to stocks, bonds and cash. We work with you to create an Investment Policy Statement based on your own risk tolerance.

Seeking Equity Diversification

One of the true “free lunches” in this business is when diversification lowers risk without diminishing the return opportunity. The combination of our three equity strategies does that by providing a smoother pattern of returns through diversification across investment styles, company size, and geography.

Valuation Bias

The bias here is ours, reflecting our strong view that a portfolio of undervalued securities provides a more financially sound foundation to create long-term wealth.